Rise and Shine

It’s Friday at our pet sitting service and the day started a little earlier than yesterday. Since it’s getting lighter earlier, the dogs think when they see sunlight…it’s time to get up. One of the many great things about pet sitting dogs is waking up with them. They are always so happy. They immediately provide services think it’s playtime and I’m one of their 4-legged friends…truth be told I have been accused of acting and being a dog before! Good thing I’m an early riser and also happy to wake and start the day with my furry little clients.

Benny is Hilarious

The play time started today at 6:40 with Benny and Cliff. Benny is hilarious when he plays. He tries to grab the legs with his mouth and most of the dogs look at him like, “what are you doing?” Benny was rescued from Katrina. When he started coming to Robin’s Nest pet sitting service, he had some learning to do. He is an amazing dog and friend. We call Benny a “Lifer” because he is here all the time. His Mom travels a lot so we are his home away from home.

The Excitement Continues

Several dogs arrived and the excitement continued. I went to pick up Mousse and Lola and as always Lola was waiting by the front door for me. When Lola is excited she needs to have something in her mouth so she races around her house looking for a ball, bone, or pretty much anything. Mousse is a bit more contained with his excitement…he’s the mature one of the two!

The day moseyed on with walks and a beach trip. Then of course…Nap time in the afternoon.